CFC clients continue to experience successes and achieve milestones.

I wanted to share some of the great things happening with my clients.

A new CFC client was able to use added savings to create a vacation account where she booked a trip to a popular destination. She also worked with CFC to create a travel budget to pre-plan how much money she would spend each day while on vacation.

I had a client work with me to pay off an old auto loan which she noticed while reviewing her credit bureau report with CFC. The client was able to identify the need to satisfy the account by working with the CFC on prioritizing the debts reflected on her credit bureau report.  The account is now paid in full, that’s $17,000 in negative debt removed from the customer’s credit bureau report.

This same same client was able to create a more secure retirement plan by using the funds she paid monthly to the auto creditor along with another IRA and created a retirement plan tailored to her aspirations.  The client now feels comfortable and secure about her entire financial portfolio.

I worked with another client on credit building, savings, and retirement planning. She was able to realize the dream of purchasing a new vehicle. The client worked with CFC to first ensure that the right budget, credit and retirement plan was in place.  With a secure financial portfolio the client then worked a deal to purchase their new car.

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