Meet Marne Piccolomini, CFC Financial Services Manager

Someone asked me why I do what I do and we should start at the beginning to understand my story.

Growing up in a large family raised by a single mother who at times worked three jobs to provide food and shelter made me appreciate the little things in life. One thing that there was never a shortage of was love and faith. I never focused on what I didn’t have growing up instead of what blessings were bestowed upon me. I am the glass is half full type of person and have been called an eternal optimist. I always felt very blessed in my own life and at a very young age had the desire to give back to others. 

People say what doesn’t hurt you makes one stronger and I would have to say that is true. I started working at a very young age that assisted me into developing a strong work ethic, values and sense of what it means to be responsible. My values are God, Family and Faith. One thing my mother taught me is the “golden rule” is treat others as you would like to be treated. I have taken that to a new level with incorporating A.R.K. into my daily life which breaks down to “acts of random kindness “. 

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