Meet Our Team

CFC is a large collaborative, but at our core, we’re a team of individuals looking to help other individuals. Everyone, from ourcommunity partners to our funders, is committed to helping local citizens improve their personal finances and chart a course for a successful future.

Our team is what makes us different from any other organization or service out there. When you work with CFC, you’ll be meeting face-to-face with people who really care. Take a look below and meet some of the people working hard to ensure a better financial future for our entire community.

Meet our Financial Services Managers

Walter S. Morris

Walter S. Morris joined Community Financial Centers with over 17 years collective experience in banking and social work specializing in Risk Management, Negotiations, Credit Management, Client Advocacy, Professional Mediation and Consumer Debt Management.

A native of Cleveland’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, Morris attended Benedictine High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Cleveland State University. Morris is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work (Macro Concentration) also at Cleveland State University where he is researching the correlation between mental health and financial health and how that balance can empower family and community systems.

Call Walter at (216) 453-1445 or Email Walter

Marne Piccolomini

Marne Piccolomini joins the Community Financial Centers after 25 plus years in the financial services industry, where she has successfully assisted clients with their credit building/repair, debit management, and short/longer term savings goals. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Labor Economics degree from the University of Akron.

Marne is passionate about helping her clients create a roadmap of success to realize their financial dreams. Give her a call today at 216 453-0497 to start a roadmap to your financial dreams.

Call Marne (216) 453-0497 or Email Marne
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